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Aquarium Reef Illusions llc. is the leading custom aquarium and maintenance company in Florida! With over 20 years of experience in the business, we can design, build, and maintain the most complex aquariums. From fish only aquariums to complex live reefs aquariums! Our company focuses on providing the best for our clients during the build and thereafter. We live by our work and love it. Being the biggest company is not our goal, but being the best is. We focus on our reputation and consistently work on getting our name in to an exclusive world of amazing aquarium builders/maintenance companies! Aquarium Reef Illusions work has been featured in magazines, home building award ceremonies and even national television! We are excited to continue building and maintaining the best aquariums in the world to the best clients in the world!


Aquarium Reef Illusions llc. STORY

Aquarium Reef Illusions llc. has an incredible story. The Founder of the company, Michael Aponte, always had a facination with water and its inhabitants. While he was a boy living in Puerto Rico, he was introduced to diving and the sea life! After falling in love with water and these amazing animals he quickly begged his parents for small aquarium. Starting with a small freshwater aquarium. After a move to Florida, during 11th grade, one of his friends setup a little 10 gallon SALTWATER aquarium. The itch for a saltwater aquarium quickly took over and he purchased a 30 gallon aquarium.


Needless to say, this was the beginning of a crazy turn of events. Michael began to work at a local petshop in the fish department as well as working at Disney World. During this time he developed the neccesary tools needed for aquarium care from the petshop and superior customer care from Disney. The love for creating saltwater habitats grew bigger and bigger. After highschool Michael went on to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a minor in Marine Biology. During his college years the company was founded (2001). Struggling between school work and trying to build a customer base, Michael made it work! Slowly but surely, the company kept growing by providing the best job possible in order to stay competitive! Starting to land big corporate jobs and VIP clients definitely made it worth while and helped the business grow.

In 2016 Aquarium Reef Illusions had become one of the largest aquarium maintenance companies in the state of florida, servicing over 150 aquariums a month and constantly building bigger and better  aquariums. The company has always focused on customer service and client satisfaction as a number one priority!

Currently in 2018, the company still continues to grow, keeping the crew and Mike bussier than ever! 

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Michael as a little boy looking at a 75 gallon reef in a local restaurant in Puerto Rico
20 years later ! Aquarium still there and looking exacly the same !
mike working with the whales at sea world 2001
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