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Aquarium Gallery

All aquariums featured in the gallery and within the website were designed, built or maintained by Aquarium Reef Illusions llc. All photos featured are the sole property of Aquarium Reef Illusions LLC. Any use (i.e. copying, sharing, or stealing) is prohibited, unless specific authorization is provided by Aquarium Reef Illusions  LLC. The prohibited use and/or claiming of images as one's own, will result in legal action.

Gorgeous 1,000 gallon custom aquarium
Huge cylinder 3,000 gallons
very nice racetrack aquarium !
Amazing Custom Home Aquarium over 1,500 gallons
Beautifull 300 gallon aquarium with custom cabinetry / library
Beautifull seamless cylinder
performers paradise! with clean plumbing
This VW bus was featured in national geographic wild channel.
285 gallons of gorgeous in a waiting area
1,000 gallons of awesome!
Modern Beauty! 250 gallons
Gorgeous 350 gallon
Amazing 8ft tall cylinder aquarium!
150 gallon live reef looking healthy and clean!
300 gallons of freshwater chiclid heaven!
Amazing 350 gallon island aquarium!
In wall 250 gallon with amazing artificial reefs!
This beauty is separating a kitchen and a greatroom!
Beautifull 200 Gallon Half Cylinder Aquarium

How would you like to never leave your couch? No reason to here, with two beautiful aquariums separated by a 80" plasma! One aquarium is set up as a community aquarium. Filled with mulitple Tangs, Angels, and Heniocus.

The other aquarium is set up as a predator aqaurium. Filled with more agressive fish, such as Triggers, Lionfish, and Puffers.

Community aquarium!
Agressive aquarium!

Beautiful 250 Gallon Residential Aquarium! This aquarium sits between a great room and an office in a gorgeous custom home. Serving as a great conversation piece and a relaxing stress reliever.

office side

Stunning  Neptune Aquarium! Standing at over 8 feet high and about 180 gallons of amazing seamless cylinder beauty, this aquarium is filled with some of the most colorful fish in the world!

Gorgeous custom 450 gallon aquarium! This aquarium features a double sided viewing. One side faces the entrance of the home and the other side faces the living room and kitchen.

living room side

Beautiful seamless cylinder aquarium in a beach home.  The insert not only provides visual pleasure, but it also provides a habitat for Florida fishes!

Amazing double sided 500 gallon aquarium! Aquarium views include sitting/great room and kitchen!

Amazing 800 gallon aquarium! The Dimmensions are 8 feet long, 5.5 feet high and 3 feet deep!

Incredible 500 gallon live reef !!  

Awesome aquarium in an Orthodontist waiting room!

Bullnose aquarium filled with agressive species, like shark, eels and lion fish!! Yikes!!!

Stunning custom aquarium filled with different species of fish. This beauty measures 7 feet long, 3 feet high and 3 feet deep! Giving fish plenty of swim room! 

Another great use of space! Acting a double sided aquarium in a hotel lobby! Truly amazing!!

This aquarium is truly exceptional! A live reef that has been established for 6 years!

Beautiful half cylinder! Over 600 gallons!

Column Hexagon in Restaurant!

Beautiful in-wall aquarium! 150 gallons of aquatic beauty!

Stunning 250 gallon Aquarium !

150 gallons of live reef!

Very nice behind bar aquarium in a game room!

Gorgeous 120 gallon aquarium! With custom fitted artificial reefs!

Very cool half cylinder!

Floor to ceiling aquarium! 650 gallons!

Beautiful and practical!

75 gallons of mature reef! Priceless!

Nice predator tank!
Amazing corner aquarium!
275 gallons of dividing wall at a restaurant!
very nice 125 with custom cabinetry!
Gorgeous and full of fish !
Beautifull rimless reef!!

Definatly not your average aquarium, but very breathtaking in its own right!

Great use of the sides! very cool!

twin floating tanks! One with community fish, other with agreesive! wow!

Waiting room relaxation
Great Room entry with two beautifull column aquariums
Waiting area in restaurant
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